Starlink Ethernet Adapter Mount

Utilize our Ethernet Adapter Mount to improve your Starlink configuration. Connectivity that is safe, practical, and dependable for quicker internet access.

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Keep your Starlink router ethernet adapter safe and secure on the go with this custom-designed 3D-printed protection mount. This mount is made from high-temperature PETG plastic,

So it’s built to last and will not warp or soften in even the harshest environments.

It’s also 100% Australian-made and shipped with tracked mail, so you can be sure that your mount will arrive safely and quickly.
The mount is designed to fit perfectly with your Starlink router ethernet adapter, so you can be sure it will be secure and out of the way.

It also has two mounting holes, so you can customize it to fit your application. And because it’s 3D printed, you can choose from various colours to match.

So why wait? Order your Starlink ethernet adapter mount today and take your internet wherever possible.

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 59 × 91 × 27 mm


4 reviews for Starlink Ethernet Adapter Mount

  1. Simon

    The product Ethernet Adapter Mounts are essential tools for providing stable, high-speed Ethernet connections, particularly for devices where Wi-Fi might be impractical. They are especially useful in environments where Wi-Fi connectivity is limited or unstable.

    • Starlink Trim

      Thanks Simon

  2. Anil

    Ethernet adapter Mount are very useful and invaluable for establishing reliable, high-speed Ethernet connections, especially for devices in situations where Wi-Fi is not practical.

  3. S

    Nice Product

  4. Amelia

    Nice Product

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