Starlink Post Pole Vertical 4 hole dish mount CIRCULAR

Effortlessly secure your Starlink roof rack router dish with our side wall mount. Discover a sturdy and convenient solution for optimal signal reception and a clutter-free roof.

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Finding the perfect spot for your dish can be tricky, but with this post mount, you can position it in the ideal place on your property.

The dish clicks in nice and snug to ensure it will stay where it needs to. It fits perfectly with your Starlink router dish and allows you to fix it out of the way and keep it protected. There are four holes for mounting.

The mount is 120x120x80mm (4.7×4.7×3.14 inch). Please ask if you are unsure. (bolts not included)

This item is 3D Printed and Manufactured in Australia. I ship from Australia with tracked mail.

Made from High-temperature plastic, PETG will not warp or soften in high-temperature environments. This is a 3D Printed roof rack mount Bracket for the Starlink dish that connects to modem/router Gen2 Model No. UTR-211
Model No. It can be found on the bottom of the router/modem. Please ensure this mount suits your model. Modem/router not included.
3D printed parts are manufactured in layers from the bottom to top, which may leave slightly visible “layer lines” along the sides of the print and blemishes,

which do not affect its performance at all.

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7 reviews for Starlink Post Pole Vertical 4 hole dish mount CIRCULAR

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